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Staff's quality decided goods quality, Mabusii international values are humanist is the root, and doing business with virtues, merges into one organic whole the enterprise and the human.
“everything depends on human effort”, the competition accumulation is its talented person's competition, the specialization, the professionalism. The human resources are the true meaning which the enterprise never dries up.
Mabusii International must achieve the enterprise to nurture the human, the sentiment keeps the human. Namely encourages individual achievements, is also fastidious about the team the cooperation.
Employment advertise: “enters the human to read the school record, the personnel looks at ability, the assignment looks at the contribution”, must make the enterprise to develop unceasingly, must face the world, namely must attract the talented person, must use the good person talent, can detain the talented person.
Use: “the qualified person does the qualified matter”, the competition mount guard, is clear about the responsibility, the achievement inspection, the strict drive, enterprise internal every year evaluates ten good staffs, lets the outstanding talent be blooming. C
Cultivation: The institution, carries on unceasingly to the enterprise staffs educates again, lets the general staffs “well trained”.


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